Screenshots from the Heroes of Hawks Haven 1.0.0

Hawks Haven Castle Throne room

Inside wolfmen cave...

Hawks Haven market place

Small hut

Waterfall and cave entrance

Screenshots from the Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.8.0

Not that many graphical changes to 0.7.0 version. Some objects can now cast a shadow. Also new graphical elements added to NPCs.

Child is playing next to a pond.

Tavern in Corndale

Whole party in trouble. This fight was ended up losing...

Hills casting shadows

Road blockage

Road blockage cleared

Cloudtop Monastery

Cloudtop Monastery inside

Screenshots from the Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.7.0

Biggest difference between 0.6.0 and 0.7.0 is that game window is 30 pixels wider so all components now fully fit to window.

The Fight against wolfmen

Notice the sweat. Sweat drop is visible if stamina is below the half

Looting the corpses. All equipments enemies have are dropped to the ground.

Hermit living at Crystal lake is taking care of garden.

Temple of Hawks Haven at night

Spell lists have scroll bars

Screenshots from the Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.6.0

There are not a big graphical changes in 0.6.0 compared to 0.5.0. Couple of screen shot from the new island map.

The Island

Screenshots from the Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.5.0

Biggest change on previous versions is new white font, which is used almost every place in the game.

Hawks Haven Harbor

Stone bridge

Nightshift guard sleeping

Hawks Haven Castle

White font is also used in talk screen

Mages at Mage Guild

Mage teleporting at mage guild

Screenshots from the Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.4.0

Biggest graphical changes are targeting information and defense is visible in the bottom of screen. Gold font is no more monospace font.

Party arriving Hawks Haven...

Lonely Traveller Inn

Screenshots from the Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.3.0

Elnora is trying to pick lock in the Adventurer's School.

First rat encounter at the cellar.

First shop keeper just outside of Adventurer's School and talking to the shopkeeper Dan Fisher.

There are zombies too.

Fighting with a zombie.

And healing after combat.

Traveling to Ravenrow. Notice the torch light the area. Dan Fisher's shop is on top of the screen.

Tavern of Ravenrow at early night.

Buying from the tavern. On left hand side is player character's items and on rigth hand side is the shop keeper's items. Bartering skill is automatically used when buiying or selling items.

Well of Ravenrow keeps moaning sounds at night...

Adventuring in well of Ravenrow...

Sneaking into people's room. Each NPC have their own timetable they follow. Remeber the old man from tavern. Near the midnight he is already sleeping.

Another example, old lady from tavern is also sleeping at late night...

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