Download Heroes Of Hawks Haven and JHeroes CRPG Engine

OpenSource JHeroes 1.1.1

Heroes of Hawks Haven and JHeroes 1.1.1has been released. Download

MD5SUM: f2f421621a40e325b8a35c680a0b763e

Change history:

  • Lamppost and table lamp replaced with a new one
  • OpenSource JHeroes 1.1.0

    Change history:

  • Races added to engine
  • Added different damage types
  • Mouse support on game map
  • Monster evaluation on combat
  • Fixed spell name Wicked Fatique -> Wicked Fatigue
  • Added new weapons
  • Lot's of graphical bugs fixed in maps
  • Fixed blunt weapon damage calculation.
  • Added new graphical effect for QI spells.
  • Typos fixed in talks and NPC descriptions
  • Fixed typo in one end screens.
  • OpenSource JHeroes 1.0.0

    Change history:

  • Code is now licensed under GPL2.
  • Graphics is licensed under CC-BY-SA.
  • All the old tilesets are replaced with new ones, based on Liberated Pixel Cup
  • Some minor issues on game texts has been fixed.
  • MapEditor and TileEditor is available in GitHub
  • There are some graphical glitches due the new tileset. (Glitches were also on old tileset but not that easy to spot)
  • 1.0.0

    Heroes of Hawks Haven 1.0.0 has been released. Download

    MD5SUM: 5bf04a47631a87f2aa67a30df3dfa106

    Change history:

  • Game Options added to main menu
  • Agility damage with ranged weapons
  • Charisma damage with spells
  • Own thread for running sound effects
  • Ending pictures and whole game can ended
  • Main menu picture
  • Deeper Shadow Woods map done
  • Better default names for starting characters
  • Starting demo when new character is created
  • 0.8.0 Alpha

    Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.8.0 Alpha has been released. Download MD5SUM: 650020e7925361306cdd96a87fb3742e

    Change history:

  • Added shadow casting by higher objects in map
  • Village before Cloudtop Monastery map
  • Tileset for monastery
  • Cloudtop monastery map Get it from OGA!
  • When loading game from combat active PC is one which active at save time
  • Horizontal scroll bar has original look
  • Fixed mouse cursor from game background
  • 0.7.0 Alpha

    Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.7.0 Alpha has been released. Download MD5SUM: 4cacfef9ae2e70b2b3b1afac85e93ccb

    Change history:

  • Crystal Lake Map
  • Evil Castle Map
  • Royal Library done in Hawks Haven castle
  • Game window is 30 pixels wider
  • Monster might try opening door and that cause sound even not visible
  • Journal has scrollbar if needed
  • Spell lists have scrollbars if needed
  • New monsters and items
  • More main quest done
  • Game time counter in saved games
  • 0.6.0 Alpha

    Heroes of Hawks Haven 0.6.0 Alpha has been released. Download MD5SUM: f94aa30e187aa1b351986eaa982782b2

    Game requires that it has write access into folder where JAR file is. It will create current folder and save1-save6 folders. Also if you take screenshots then screenshots folder is created.

    Memory requirement

    If you have 64bit Java there should not have problems with memory requirements. Simple run it "java -jar HeroesOfHawksHaven0-6-0Alpha.jar"

    On other hand with 32bit Java game might require more than default 96 MBytes of heap. Run it with "java -jar -Xmx512M HeroesOfHawksHaven0-7-0Alpha.jar"

    Changed 28 February 2018
    by Tuomo Untinen.