Game play

Heroes of Hawks Haven is old school computer roleplaying game. Player characters fight against monster, get better equipments and gain experience while doing quests. This is old school CRPG in since that game does not have "magical" compass which shows where to go. Game has plain compass which shows where the north is. Game does not have automap either but game maps does not contain mazes either.

Heroes of Hawks Haven has a twist to role playing. Through out the game there are three different roles which can be played: Paladin, Mercenary and brute. Paladin helps every one and asks no copper for this. Mercenary can help anyone ask long as he or she pays the copper. Brute just likes fighting and bullies weak ones. Characters gain more experience points as long as same role is played over the time.

Game is turn based. While not in combat party members follow the party leader unless not in solo mode. In combat player controls each party member. Even game is turn based there are still animation which is constantly updating and making the game envinronment more lively.

Characters have seven different attributes which describe basic abilities of the characters. There is also possibility to give background story for the character. This background story can be also changed during the game play.

Next step is the skills. Base skill levels are calculated from abilities and each level there are skill points to distribute to skills. Amount of skill points to distribute is 10+intelligence+wisdom.

Final step is to select perks. Perks are special know how which allows character do things other might not be able to. Since Heroes Of Hawks Haven does not have character class, perks are used for making characters more unique. Two perks are gained in first level and after that every even level there is one more perk. Game has maximum level of 20.

Changed 23 November 2014
by Tuomo Untinen.