What is the license for Heroes of Hawks Haven?

There are two version of Heroes of Hawks Haven. One is freeware(the older one) So you can play it free as long as you want and distribute it if you mention my name and this webpage. You are not allowed to sell this game or reverse engineer it. Then there is OpenSource one. Opensource is licensed under GPL2 and graphics are under CC-BY-SA and music under CC-BY.

Is it possible to get source code for this game?

Yes! Source code comes also with Map Editor and by fork it you can use the engine to create your own RPG! Source code is available in GitHub

Is there a way to disable sounds?

Giving argument

disables sound and argument
disables music.

Game feels too difficult, how to make it easier?

In the very beginning it is crucial to focus only on couple of skills. Decide if your character wears heavy armor which gives protection but takes a lot of hits, or agile character which does not take hits at all.

Taking NPC into party also makes game more easier, but levels are gained slower since experience is divide with whole party. With more party members think about their roles. One could be in front line while others in back with ranged weapons and healing spells would give assistance for the one in front line.

Game has also quite many place where are hidden items which can be found with search. Usually these place have something unique to help spot the places.

Looking things is also very good idea. Looking enemies can give an estimate about their health and what equipments they are carrying. Looking objects might give you hints to quests.

I encountered a bug, what do I do?

You can start by sending me email. See contact Game also have so called debug mode. This can be started with argument

Debugmode prints out debug information into stdout. If you are able to reproduce the bug sending me the debug information would help a lot. I do not encourage to use debug mode since it can possible spoil places where is some event triggers placed and there is also a special screen(F2) for modification of game's internal variables. Messing with those will most likely ruin your saved game.

Changed 20 November 2015
by Tuomo Untinen.